12 Seafarers Stress Buster Secrets To Stay Motivated

Sooner or later every seafarers got tired and stressed from work and at some point of time they start thinking that choosing sailing, and seafarers  as a profession is a wrong decision that proved for them.  There could be various reasons for these breakdowns like increasing  workload, missing family members, homesickness etc.

In last couple of years we have discussed this topic that how they keep themselves motivated with the help of our social channels like facebook pages, twitter handles etc.

Here in this article, we are going to share few common things seafarers use to do to keep them motivated and boosted up.

#1: Exercise: Exercising is best way to keep yourself motivated, and keep your mind free from stress. Exercise could be anything that makes you sweat outside of work. A quick 20 minute run on the treadmill could do the trick for some while pumping iron for 30 minutes could work too.  A 10 minute stretching can make you feel energetic for whole day and can make you happy for whole day.

#2: Reading Books: The most common method to beat the stress, to keep yourself calm is reading books. There are different genres of books that one can read from motivational, inspirational, thriller, adventure etc. All you need is to identify your mood and select a best piece of book to read. There are various form of books available in market like an ebook, audio book and much more.

#3: Listening Music: Everyone knows that music can make yourself calm. There is always a music in every mood, all you need is to identify the perfect music for your mood. Research has shown that listening to music has a positive impact on the mind and body and is a great way of staying motivated and relaxed.

#4: Make Friends on Board: Seafarers share a different and unique relationship with their colleagues. Having a civil relationship on board with your colleagues is must. You can’t avoid your colleagues simply. Always make some friends on board so you can share all the high and lows of your life with them.

#5: Writing Journal: Putting your thoughts on paper can be a great way to keep your mind calm and relaxing, One can write and jot down their thoughts can unwind and make yourself motivated and happy as well.

#6: Communication with family members: Always try to keep in touch with your family members either in the form of email, social media platforms, video conferencing or phone calls. This routine will make your mind fresh and calm as well.

#7: Eating Healthy Food: It keeps you healthy and keep your mind fresh, With healthy mind you can concentrate on new things. Along with this if you are fit you can focus more on your work, Thus always eat healthy food while you are on cruise.

#8: Socialise on Board: One should always try to socialise on board, You never know who can help you some day in your life. Not only this your network is your net worth as per the belief so always try to grow your network and socialise as much as you can.

#9: Meditate/ Pray: It is one of the most traditional method to keep your mind vibes positive and calm. One can keep themselves calm, silent and can feel motivated with the help of meditation and pray. Somewhere middle in the sea will be a best place to meditate.

#10: Watching Movies and Documentaries: There are lot of movies and documentaries that one can watch on cruise. It could be anything related to your work, motivational, related to seafarers and much more. Movies are something that can inspire you and can be the best dose of motivation.

#11:Building up new hobbies: Few people have notions that when they are out on cruise they should not indulge in any hobbies that they like. It is other way round, One should do what their heart pleases. Few people like cooking, writing, poetry etc. You can get a lot of time after your work on sea and one should do what their heart please them. If you are interested in guitar then one should invest good some of money on buying guitar and having full video tutorial. You can learn new things on cruise.

#12: Fake it till you make it: Sometimes no amount of talk or any activities help us to keep ourselves motivated and happy, in such a situation it is best to pretend to have a positive outlook towards work and their life. One must have to force themselves to have positive body language. Eventually you will become fine and get back to normal life and things will automatically fall in place.

Kick yourself in the ass, before someone else does!

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