10 Things Everyone Should Learn from Seafarers

Merchant Navy or Seafaring is much broader than you can imagination. The root of seafaring is much deeper in our live than one can even think about it. Without doubt, seafarers have enjoyed an important stature ever since the creation and development of mankind. Shipping is the lifeline on which the world economies have flourished and survived.

Not everyone can become a seafarer, there are hell of thing you need to inculcate in yourself to become a sailor, Here in this article we are going to share the 10 things one can always learn from seafarer, Hope you would like this article:

Art of Sacrifice:  Seafarers stay away from their family for long period of time to gain more money, earn health in abundance, education comforts etc. They get lot of support and appreciation from their families and friends. Where rest of people celebrate festivals with their families, friends seafarers are those who devotee most of their time on cruise while doing their job. It take lot of sacrifice to become a seafarer.  


Habit of Punctuality: In the world of merchant navy every single minute is important. A delay in by minute can change entire scenario over ship.  Thus in order to be a seafarer you need to be very punctual and dedicated towards your work. . International trade through ships does involves time frames and requires ships to strictly maintain their port schedules and estimated time of arrivals. Shipmaster’s along with navigating officers take upto this tedious task by all means available at their disposal despite adverse currents, cyclonic conditions and rough weather in their way.

Add resilience:  Once two trainees on board a supply vessel in Indian waters was rescuing the occupants of rig. Unfortunately rig caught fire and the trainees jump in sea to safeguard their lives. The offshore supply vessel approached to rescue the rig crew in water despite heavy swell and wind.  While approaching 1 survivor could not survived due to turbulence that eventually leads to his death. The two trainees who witnessed this accident were left cold and numb for rest of their contract and decided to quit sea.

The Master who was a sailor for quiet a long time then motivated them to hold on and not to give up on their career at sea. It worked and the trainees soon rose up to levels of navigating officers.Seafarers are known for their determination as they continue to trade through ships despite the roughest seas or piracy infested waters of Gulf of Aden and Somalia.

Habit of Acceptance: Seafarers are one of the most adaptive professionals present around the globe. Seafarers have the ability to accept themselves in all situations. Working in adverse weather conditions and remotest corners of the world where language and cultural difficulties is common, a seafarer successfully completes all necessary operations without delay.

Become Eco-Friendly: Seafaring is one of the most toughest profession when it comes to protection of environment.  Seafarers need to follow the garbage management policy to prevent pollution through oil spill generates seafarer a basic sense of civic behavior to keep their surroundings clean.

 Be Truthful and Honest: They are known as one of the most truthful and working professionals present across the globe. Being involved in the legal aspect of commercial shipping and regulations onboard ship, this workforce has ever stayed loyal towards their job and ship owners.

 Remain Organised and Committed: Worldwide travelling and trading involves a lot of documentation, that force the seafarers to keep therm organised, committed. You will always find a seafarer organised and committed to keep their details ready.

Fearless and Gutsy: Antrip Sood, a 23 year old boy who was selected for training onboard a merchant ship boarded the gangway with butterflies in his stomach. His heart racing faster with every step he take forward on the gangway and an unseen fear and anxiety creeped in as he joined the first ship. Life appeared much disciplined and professional. Initially he feel sick at ship and decided never to return back to sea but as the time passed he made new friends, and eventually realised it is a perfect job for him where he can travel across the globe meet new people and can live fearlessly in every low and high situation. This sea job nurture him in a complete different way.

Stay Lively and Family Oriented:  Seafarer lives a lot of time on sea that makes them long desire to meet family and friends as well. The family too respects his decision to be away for few months to ensure a well placed life in the society. This mutual sacrifice brings more respect and faith in the institution of family. In the process, seafarers learns not only to manage personal life but also to handle the rigorous and monotonous life at sea Hence you will always find a seafarer more family oriented and positive towards their life since they deal with lot of unwanted situations everyday.

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